Exercise and performance classes

The RIS has a variety of class offerings and takes the best-proven approaches, information, and methods from the world of exercise science and high-performance sport and makes it available to all people, of all ages and abilities.

RIS programs make the job of filtering through the myriad of exercise advice and approaches, often from unqualified individuals easy with programs that are effective, safe, and readily available for regionally based people and athletes.

So if you are an individual starting your exercise journey, an athlete with elite aspirations or a club team wanting to utilise the best-proven approaches for performance development we can help you.

Our classes

Strong Foundations

The perfect small class setting for adults who wish to establish or develop strength and power in a functional manner. You will learn how to perform key movement patterns needed for strength development under the guidance of RIS performance coaches.

No previous experience with strength training is needed and the class can accommodate people with experience in a gym setting who wish to align their approach with the health, fitness and wellbeing industry’s best standards for performance training.


60+ Strong

A class for adults who need to improve strength, mobility, balance, and coordination to maximise their enjoyment of life, independence and minimise the impact of an aging body. This is all under the guidance of university qualified exercise professionals.


Strong Women

A class designed specifically for the needs of women. Historically, strength programs supplied to women have been based on the needs of men. This class addresses the specific needs for women with the appropriate development of strength and power based on the latest exercise science. Our team has assisted hundreds of women across all phases of life with exercise programs and classes to improve physical performance in a safe, structured and effective manner.


Teen Athlete Performance (TAP)

A great program for teenage athletes commencing their performance development journey. Holistic in nature, this program introduces athletes aged 12-18 years to progressive training to develop strength, speed, agility, power, and mobility.

Athletes work in a small class setting under the guidance and supervision of a RIS performance coach to ensure safe and effective techniques are established. The TAP program commences with testing athletes utilising advanced technology such as force plates and tining gates to all coaches to monitor progress. Athletes are supplied with programming that can be progressed via the TeambuildRĀ app.


Junior Elite Training (JET)

High school-aged athletes who have progressed through the TAP program and display elite potential or athletes who already are engaged in high-level junior sports are eligible for our JET program.

This advanced program aims to equip young athletes with the skills and performance capacity to excel in junior elite sport. Holistic in nature, athletes will be engaged in regular testing of strength, power, and speed, undergo individualised strength and conditioning based on needs, and participate in educational sessions with RIS performance staff designed to enhance knowledge and skills in recovery, nutrition, performance psychology and well-being.