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How can the RIS help you, your team, or organisation?

The RIS provides to all people; across all phases of life, recreational to elite, industry-leading, evidence-based, proven approaches to enhance performance and health.

Whatever your performance goal may be, we can help.

Our motto of Plan, Prepare, Perform, is targeted to each individual, team or organisation’s needs.

The RIS uses detailed assessment approaches and technology, individualised therapy, and/or training programs that are all targeted toward optimal performance and health goals by highly qualified and experienced staff.

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High performance athlete development services

If your objective is to improve your speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and game readiness, combined with world class approaches to rehab, recovery and nutrition, we can help you.

The RIS has extensive experience in the athletic preparation of teenage athletes for elite sport. High school aged athletes require a strategic long term approach to the optimisation of their sporting ability. This phase of life for an athlete is the crucial foundation for future success.

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