What is the RIS?

The Regional Institute of Sport has a proven record for improving athletic performance, health and wellbeing using world class training and rehab processes. We will assist you to plan and prepare in a manner that allows you to optimise your performance. We do this by using the most up to date approaches delivered by highly experienced and qualified staff.

RIS team

Our services include

Athlete performance and classes

The preparation for sport requires athletes of all ages and abilities to engage in structured, specific and measured training processes that are aligned with the most up to date scientific and medical information to optimise performance.

The RIS uses university qualified exercise science and health professionals, combined with the latest high performance technology to achieve these objectives.


Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

People who are currently experiencing pain, recurring injuries or have recently undergone surgery need to experience health care that is individualised, based on the most effective up to date methods of care, so that you can achieve your personal health goals.

Like all areas of healthcare and medicine, there have been significant advances in the most effective way to treat pain and recover from injury. The RIS health professionals utilise these proven approaches in your care.


Team and school programs

The game has changed. No longer can you expect to achieve team success using outdated approaches to optimising sporting performance. The RIS can provide your team with a variety of services and approaches that will enhance your capacity for success, with a proven record for assisting teams from the club to elite level.

We pride ourselves on offering regional based teams world class performance services.